Stuart Batty 30" Taper-Lock Handle

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  • Stuart Batty 30" Taper-Lock Handles
  • Stuart Batty Taper-Lock Handles
  • Stuart Batty Taper-Lock Handles

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Requires a Taper-Lock Bolster for every tool you plan to use with this system, or any Stuart Batty Taper-Lock Tool (sold separately)

The Taper-Lock Handle System is a modular handle system constructed with multi-composite and carbon fiber, making it stronger than steel and lighter than wood. Vibration is virtually eliminated. Because it tightens and loosens by hand, you never need an allen key or wrench for blade changes. The one drawback is that the tools are intended to be glued into the bolster. Since the tapered bolster will not fit in any other handle, any tool you mount in a bolster will only be compatible with Stuart Batty Taper-Lock handles. For those of you who like the carbon fiber handles but don't want to glue your tools, the same handles are available in an ER Collet version

- First ever carbon fiber handle for woodturning - lighter than wood, stronger than steel
- 10 handle lengths from 6 - 48 inches
- Carbon fiber handles eliminate vibration
- Fast, secure and simple Taper-Lock system does not require a wrench or allen key
- Ergonomic design
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2 Reviews

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    Absolutely amazing

    Posted by Brandon Wright on May 26th 2017

    I work at Woodworker's Emporium, so my opinion may be a bit biased, but I think these are the best handles on the market. they are lightweight, strong, and very comfortable to use. They are absolutely the best vibration dampening handles I have found. I can turn for hours with no fatigue.

    *small edit to Felisha's review, Woodworker's Emporium also bought the patents for SB Tools when we bought Stuart's remaining stock. We found out that the tools are far too expensive to manufacture, but we have continued production of the handles. We recently bought 5000 feet of the handle stock, so we will be able to continue making them for years to come. We also have an enormous stock of bolsters, we will not run out any time soon.

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    Excellent Handle System

    Posted by Felisha Wild on May 26th 2017

    I now own 4 of these handles and absolutely love the interchangeability of them. Very easy to remove the tool from the handle for sharpening then reassemble in seconds. The handles feel great in the hands and with the shape keep torsional forces to a minimum. Also the long handles are amazing for deep bowls and hollow projects.

    SB tools did go out of business so unfortunately the supply of these wonderful tools and handles will continue to dwindle.

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