DVD The Son of Skew

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Son of Skew is the follow-up companion to Alan's classic dvd "The Skew Chisel." In this dvd Alan shows you the making of 12 different items using the skew chisel and information from the "Skew Chisel" dvd. SON OF SKEW Winner of two international video awards, Alan Lacer prepares you for a real workout with the skew. After learning the cuts on Alan's first video "Skew Chisel" you are now ready to make things! Using only a skew, Alan shows the making of over a dozen turned projects. The idea behind this video is to use the skew for virtually all cuts in these projects. The objective is to make you more confident and skilled with this tool--which will aid you in the use of all other woodturning tools. Approximate running time is 2 hours
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