Vicmarc V00870 VOD Oval Turning attachment

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  • Vicmarc V00870 VOD Oval Turning attachment
  • Natural Edge Oval Bowl by Dale Larson


Oval turning is an old art of turning, it has been practiced since the middle ages. Professor Johannes Volmer was able to create a system for oval turning using tooth belts for smooth operation. Vicmarc has re-engineered this device and simplified the operation and setup.

The VOD (Vicmarc Oval Device) has an M45x2 input, meaning it uses the same insert as a Vicmarc VM120 or VM150 to attach it to your lathe.

The output (this is what you would screw your chuck or faceplate onto) is available in three different sizes:

  • M40x2 - A Vicmarc VM100 chuck will screw directly onto this without an insert
  • 1-1/4" x 8tpi - This is the most common thread on full size lathes in the US.
  • M33 x 3.5 - This is a common thread size for Canadian and European lathes (i.e. Oneway)


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