D-Way CBN Grinding Wheel

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1" arbor hole, 5/8" bushing included

If you're a woodturner, chances are you've heard of CBN grinding wheels. While they don't completely replace regular grinding wheels, they are far superior in many ways.

What is CBN?
Cubic Boron Nitride is a synthetic chemical compound that is the second hardest material after diamond. Etreme heat resistance, superior chemical resitance, and great durability make it ideal for tool sharpening.

Benefits of CBN wheels:
They stay much cooler than standard grinding wheels and can be used without coolant.

They can produce a razor sharp edge on tool steels like M2 and 10V, and it is widely regarded as the best way to apply a burr to negative rake scrapers.

Tools last longer because you grind off less at a time. There have been numerous reports of tools holding an edge longer when sharpened with CBN.

D-Way CBN Wheels are perfectly balanced and never need to be dressed.

The wheel will not explode, so the guard can be removed. Obviously safety glasses should still be worn, and a dust mask or respirator is recommended.

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