Amana 49112 3/8" Radius Cove Router Bit 1/4" Shank

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  • Amana 49112
  • Amana 49112 3/8" Radius Cove Router Bit 1/4" Shank
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The covetto form produced by the cove bit is one of the classic building blocks for many molding profiles. Use it alone or in combination with beads and fillets. Use the cove as well to detail the edges of casework, doors and drawers, posts and columns. The cove also makes up one-half of the rule joint used on drop-leaf tables. The other half is the corner-round. Use in handheld or table-mounted routers. Large-diameter tools must be run at reduced speed. For best results with a large radius cutter, make a preliminary cut with a smaller radius bit or chamfer the workpiece to reduce the amount of stock to be removed in the finish pass. This will produce a smoother finish and prolong tool life.

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