Stuart Batty 7mm x 22mm Oval Bolster

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  • Stuart Batty 7mm x 22mm Oval Bolster
  • Stuart Batty 7mm x 22mm Oval Bolster
  • Stuart Batty 7mm x 22mm Oval Bolster


For use with the Stuart Batty Taper-Lock Handles. This bolster has an elongated slot that can be used for skews, parting tools, and other flat tools. Some modification may be required to make the tool fit.

***Please note - these bolsters are for odd shaped tools and are NOT compatible with the SB Adapter Sleeves

The SB bolster is sold with sufficient 2-part epoxy for semi-permanent blade fixturing. Once your blade is glued into the bolster it will be secure and ready to use. There is no need for an allen key to lock or unlock it from your handle, and your blade will fit into any one of the SB Taper-Lock Handles in seconds.

***unfortunately we are out of epoxy and we are having problems obtaining more. Until further notice, bolsters will ship without epoxy. Almost any 2-part epoxy can be used, but we recommend a quick-set type as they have lower temperature resistance, and it will be easier to remove the tool when it is worn down.

Bolster only, tool and handle not included.

Click here for more information on the SB Taper-Lock System

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