Stuart Batty 002310 1/2" Adapter for Taper-Lock Handles

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  • Stuart Batty 002310 1/2" Adapter for Taper-Lock Handles
  • Stuart Batty 002310 1/2" Adapter for Taper-Lock Handles
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SB Adapter Sleeves fit into the Stuart Batty Bolsters for the Taper Lock Handle System (Handles and bolsters sold separately). The adapter sleeves are offered in different sizes to fit almost any round woodturning tool. The bolster has a 3/4" opening, but if you have a smaller tool you will need an adapter sleeve (i.e. a 5/8" tool will require a 5/8" adapter).

This sleeve will adapt a 1/2" diameter tool to fit the Stuart Batty Standard Bolster. The tool is glued into the sleeve, then the sleeve is glued into the bolster. You can then quickly switch any tool mounted into a bolster between any length Taper-Lock Handle.

Please verify your tool diameter before ordering, different manufacturers measure their tools in different ways. Most domestic manufacturers measure by the bar diameter (a 1/2" spindle gouge will have a 1/2" bar diameter, etc.). Imported tools are often measured by the flute width and/or are a metric size. 

One adapter sleeve of your choice is now included FREE with the purchase of a Stuart Batty Standard 3/4" Bolster

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