Vicmarc VL300 3HP Adjustable Stand Wood Lathe

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The Vicmarc VL300 wood lathe has been designed to suit the needs of most wood turners. Vicmarc is widely regarded as the best woodturning equipment on the market, it is not uncommon to see a professional woodturner using a Vicmarc lathe or chuck. We know that there are a multitude of different lathes to choose from, but we choose to sell Vicmarc because we firmly believe it is a product most woodturners will love for a lifetime. There's a good reason you rarely find used Vicmarc lathes for sale. For most woodturners, the VL300 is the last lathe they will ever need to buy.

The Vicmarc VL300 wood lathe has a powerful 2.2kw motor, which is roughly the equivalent of 3hp by American standards. The electronic variable speed drive gives up to 200 percent torque on low rpm, which means you will still have plenty of power when you slow the lathe down for large pieces. The three-step pulleys provide 3 ratios - 1:1 for small to medium size work; 1:1.5 for medium to large work; and 1:3 for large work.

The controls (start/stop, forward/reverse, and speed control) for the VL300 are conveniently located in a magnetic box that can be positioned anywhere on the lathe.

The cast iron lathe is mounted on a 5mm thick steel plate stand, which has been designed with a 27" wide footprint for stability and rigidity. The stand also features wood shaving discharge chute and a knee stop bar.

A common concern for our customers is that they will accidentally hit the stop bar while turning, but it was designed to prevent this. The bar is positioned in a way that will still allow you to lean over the lathe without hitting it. Even if you do accidentally hit it, the bar is spring loaded. You need to apply a fair amount of pressure to activate it. Professional woodturner Dale Bonertz talks about it briefly in his review of the VL300 on WoodCentral

All VL300 lathe models accept an extension bed at either end of the bed. A 19.5" or 39" bolt on extension bed is available and multiple extensions can be added on. The stand is adjustable, so you can adjust the spindle height from 42" to 54". The most comfortable position is usually to have the spindle even with your elbow height.

VL300 ASM Specifications

Spindle Height from bed 12"
Spindle Height from floor 42"-54"
Distance Between Centers 19.5"
Indexing Holes 24
Headstock & Tailstock taper No. 2 MT
Spindle Bearings Taper Roller bearing
Speed Range EVS 10-3000 rpm, 3 step pulley
Toolrest Post Diameter 30mm
Hole Through Headstock Spindle 15mm
Hole Through Tailstock Spindle 3/8"
Quill Travel 3"
Net Weight 650lbs
Length x Width x Height (inches) 42x28x50
Spindle Thread 1-1/4"x8tpi (Also available in M33x3.5)

Standard Accessories

  • 6" Faceplate
  • Live Centre
  • 12" Tool Rest
  • Knockout Bar
  • Drive Dog
  • Spanner Wrench
  • Vicmarc Hat
  • Owner's Manual
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3 Reviews

  • 5
    Woodworkers Emporium/ Vicmarc VL300

    Posted by Fredrick L Sickelbower on Aug 22nd 2018

    A heavy beast. Runs quiet ,smooth. So far plenty of power. Love it.

  • 5
    Woodworkers Emporium/ Vicmarc VL300

    Posted by Fredrick L Sickelbower on Aug 7th 2018

    Working with the people at Woodworkers Emporium was easy. I called several times asking questions and emailed as well. They were always polite concise and quick. The lathe shipped in days . They sent pics. of the package and instructions as how to proceed if it did not arrive in the same condition. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. The lathe is rock solid. Smooth And quiet. Seems to have plenty of power. The overall quality is amazing. And the hat is pretty cool.

  • 5
    Well worth it

    Posted by James R. on Mar 2nd 2016

    The Vicmarc VL300 is hands down the finest wood lathe I've ever had the pleasure of using. It is very smooth and very quiet (if I couldn't see the spindle turning, I wouldn't even know it's on.)

    I've also turned on the CS version. Very nice lathe, but there are a few thing I like better about the Australian version. I like the fact that the Vicmarc version is flat on the front, I have tripped on the protruding legs of the CS version a few times. The stop bar is very useful. I was a little concerned that I would accidentally hit the bar while turning, so far it has not been an issue. The Australian model also seems to have a bit more power on low speeds. Not a big deal, but it is also quieter than the CS version.

    Bottom line – I would recommend this lathe to any woodturner at any level. It is a bit pricey, but for good reason. I've had some experience with manufacturing, and making something of this quality is extremely expensive. In my opinion, the VL300 is an excellent value for the price. When you buy a cheap lathe, that is exactly what you get.

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