Easy Wood Tools Ci5-NR Negative Rake Cutter

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Works on any Easy Wood Tool that accepts a Ci5 cutter. Cutter number is engraved on the shaft of every tool.

Negative Rake Scraping (NRS) has been used since the 1500s for turning ivory and dense exotics. It is considered a neutral technique, as NRS tools neither draw the wood in like a Conventional Scraper, nor push it away like a gouge.

Negative Rake Scraping is the only technique that works beautifully and non-aggressively with every grain orientation and density. While NRS can be effective on softwoods, this technique is ideally suited for denser material. Try it on medium density temperate woods to the densest of exotics. It is also the most effective technique for use on acrylics, plastics and acrylic/resin impregnated woods because it will not grab at them.

Negative Rake Scraping will not remove wood as quickly as a Conventional Scraper, but it is an excellent finishing tool due to its controllability and the relatively smooth finish it provides. Negative Rake Scraping is a very effective technique on thin walled pieces and broken surfaces, such as natural edge pieces and square bowls.

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