Tormek Diamond Sharpening Wheels

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Tormek's new diamond wheels offer an exceptional durability plus the ability to sharpen on the side as well as the periphery. The new Multi Base allows sharpening on the side of the diamond wheels and will leave a completely flat bevel that is preferred in some applications.

Håkan Persson, the Tormek CEO states: “We are proud to now offer our users the opportunity to sharpen with diamond, the world’s hardest material. Tormek’s low speed sharpening makes it ideal to use diamond for edge tool sharpening since no heat occurs. We believe that the diamond wheels together with the new Multi Base will make sharpening even easier for many of our dedicated Tormek users.”

The new diamond wheels come in three different grades; Coarse, Fine and Extra Fine. The quality of the diamond surface provides a high and constant sharpening ability and a grinding wheel that always remains the full size in diameter. Users who frequently sharpen the same tool will benefit greatly from this feature as it simplifies both setting and sharpening.

Diamond is the world's hardest material and almost twice as hard as cubic boron nitride (CBN), which is another commonly used abrasive. The diamond's extreme hardness and durability make it the optimal material for sharpening.

Another great aspect of the diamond wheels is that the wheels have a diamond layer on the side, perfect for the sharpening of small carving tools such as carving gouges and V-tools plus plane irons, wood chisels and knives. The result is a bevel edge with a completely flat surface, instead of a hollow grind.

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