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With the Multi Base MB-100, you can sharpen on the side of the Tormek Diamond Wheels, thus creating a completely flat bevel that is preferable in some applications. The MB-100 has an adjustment line that allows you to fix the sharpening position based on the optimal setting for each tool and jig. For convenience, it can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.
When setting the sharpening angle with the updated WM-200 AngleMaster, use the top angle scale, marked with MB-100. When setting the sharpening angle with the previous WM-200, add 18 degrees to your preferred angel. Example: If you are going the sharpen a chisel to a 25-degree angle, add 18 degrees on the Angle Master, i.e. 43 degrees. Always set the wheel diameter compensator on WM-200 to 250 mm when sharpening with the MB-100.
Please note that the MB-100 is only designed for sharpening with Tormek Diamond Wheels. It is not suitable for grinding stones as they would require truing which is not possible on the side.

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