About us


Welcome to Woodworker's Emporium

Las Vegas was still a small town in 1980 with roughly 500,000 inhabitants. Woodworker's Emporium was started in the corner of a custom furniture shop with a few woodworking hand tools and some Imported European Hardware for sale. As the town grew, so did the demand for quality woodworking tools. Over the years, we grew to be the valley's primary carpentry supplier, selling everything from sandpaper to industrial machinery. .

Today Woodworker's Emporium is now closed after 41 years being Southern Nevada's largest woodworking machinery dealer. We use to occupy a 12000 sqft retail store in the industrial district of Las Vegas. But now have chosen to retire.

At Woodworker's Emporium, our belief was and is that when you buy a machine, it should last a lifetime. We were happy to sell quality tools and machines and lead our customers in the right direction.


We have closed our physical store location as of Sept 30 2021. Many reasons as to why but we will be here on the internet to offer products to the woodturners, and offer some of the products that we still can offer our customers. We also will be offering woodturning classes. Please bear with us as we are trying a new approach to the changing industry.